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The Rising Sun Experience

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Rising Sun Dance & Theater tours professional work throughout the country. In every city and town we visit, our mission is to access, utilize, and enliven the web of local talent, knowledge, resources, and community through the following ways:

Main Theater Venue
We book a series of shows at a local theater, supporting the theater through a season of high-quality, audience friendly, community enriching shows, workshops, guest speakers, and special events.

Event Sponsor/Supporting Venues
While in residence at a main theater venue, we also share our work with a diverse cross-section of community by bringing our shows to the venues of churches, spiritual centers, community, senior, and teen centers, activist groups, clubs, student organizations, public, private schools, and home school groups, additional theater arts organizations, special events, festivals, and private house concerts. These performances generate income for the groups while also encouraging people of all walks of life to experience the joy of theater in the main venue.

Educational Partnership for the Performing Arts
While in residence in a main theater, we bring workshops into local schools, working with kids of all ages to augment arts programming. We offer one of our shows to the school for a benefit performance at their facility to fund their arts education programs and performing arts events.

Local Leaders Featured in Workshops, Talk-backs, and Lectures
We reach out to speakers, professors, activists, and community groups and leaders working on the subjects thematic to the shows being presented, inviting them to provide their knowledge and expertise to our listeners in a series of concurrent workshops, question and answers and lectures.

Guest Speakers and Teachers Offer Community Enrichment
Complimenting local leaders, Rising Sun Dance & Theater invites nationally recognized teachers and speakers to offer events that enrich local communities by bringing additional viewpoints, studies, and approaches to the thematic materials of the plays.

Establishing Local Performers for a Region
Rising Sun Dance & Theater believes in nurturing and growing the talent of performing artists in balanced, healthy, sustainable relationship to themselves, their families, geographic communities, and the earth. For these reasons, we tour the ‘works’, not the performers. We hire actors and technicians by region, minimizing transportation, and allowing our artists to maintain homes, loves, and lives connected to their communities.

Education Partners
Partnering with Rising Sun Dance & Theater to bring arts education to a school near you!

Pacific Collegiate School, Cindy Gorski
Georgiana Bruce Kirby School, Beth Pettingell-Riley
West End Studio Theatre, Terri Steinman