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Main Theater Venue

Hosting a Rising Sun Dance & Theater Show

Rising Sun Dance & Theater presents original, incredible, heart-warming performances that tour nation-wide in a unique promotion and marketing model that draws people into the theater for the performance of a lifetime.

As a hosting Main Theater Venue, you become the home for a series of interlinked shows, paired with thematic workshops and guest speakers, that draw in audiences from local schools, community centers, churches, spiritual groups, activist groups, and clubs as we tour one (or more) of the shows to these Event Sponsor/Supporting Venues.

For the run of these shows, your audience may double in size! (Including new theater goers from a broader community base.)

Rising Sun Dance & Theater partners with your promotions director/team, to provide graphics, press releases, promotional materials, testimonials, video clips, as well as social media links, press reviews and coverage, blogger support and on-line buzz, to make your presentation of a Rising Sun production a success.

We coordinate guest speakers, workshop presenters, and special events during the run of the shows to enthuse, educate, and inspire the audience to integrate the shows messages of hope, inner revelation, and transformation into their daily lives.

Rising Sun Dance & Theater productions are enjoyable, audience-friendly, transformational, beautifully-evocative, heart warming, deeply profound, incredibly crafted and unbelievably inspiring. Our viewers have said;

“I feel washed by deep wisdom, touched at the places that want to be touched.”
“I have been permanently changed.”
“This was my third viewing, last time I brought six friends.”

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Ignites community discussions
Enriches local arts education programs
that enchants and delights entire families.