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Event Sponsor: Host An Event At Your Venue

Connect with a transformational community experience.

Theatrical stages, lights, and sound systems are not necessary. You don’t even need a venue. All you need is a desire to bring a Rising Sun Dance & Theater production to your friends and community.

Here’s how it works:
While in residence at a main theater venue, our mobile, accessible, enjoyable shows also visit churches, schools, and other organizations throughout the area, generating income for these groups while also encouraging people of all walks of life to experience the joy of theater in the main theater venue.

These events are produced in collaboration with the Event Sponsor and come with Q & A’s discussions and workshops tailored to the special interests of the sponsoring groups. Local leaders, speakers, professors, activists, may be available to present concurrent workshops, and Rising Sun Dance & Theater also assists booking and presenting nationally recognized lectures, teachers, and speakers.

The members of the organizations are also invited to attended full run of our series of shows at the Main Theater for a discounted rate. Interested? Contact Us

Educational Partnership for the Performing Arts
In addition to the main theater run and the supporting event sponsors, we also bring workshops into local schools, working with kids of all ages to augment arts programming. We offer one of our shows to the school for a benefit performance at their facility to fund their arts education programs and performing arts events. LEARN MORE>>

Education Partners
Partnering with Rising Sun Dance & Theater to bring arts education to a school near you!

Pacific Collegiate School, Cindy Gorski
Georgiana Bruce Kirby School, Beth Pettingell-Riley
West End Studio Theatre, Terri Steinman