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Environmental Standards


As an organization, we try to keep abreast of the myriad ways in which one small business can be a leader for sustainable change. If you have a suggestion, please share it with us!

The following are a few examples of the efforts we make to contribute to a healthy, long-lasting, balanced ecology.

Rising Sun Dance & Theater tries to align its office, production, and traveling practices with practical and effective strategies for cultivating a sustainable relationship with the earth and our environment.

Our office and promotional materials use recycled paper. Our minimal sets are designed for maximum usage, utilize salvaged materials, and are constructed with low v.o.c. paints and non-toxic stage materials. For personal transportation we use electric vehicles, bicycles, and our own two feet as much as possible, and encourage their use within our community.

We offer discounts for using public transportation, biking, and walking to shows. When possible we offer valet bike parking, and thank our audience members for carpooling and using sustainable transportation to travel to the shows.

During intermissions, Rising Sun Dance & Theater endeavors to provide organic, vegan, health-conscious snacks for audience members, partnering with local catering companies for each venue.

In addition, our touring concepts are built around establishing regional hubs, minimizing air and car travel and maximizing community and family bonds for our performers.

All messages shows carry messages of hope, and encouragement to join the global effort to raise consciousness among all humans of our interconnectedness as a species living within the delicate and beautiful web of creation that is our planet.