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Stone Soup

Stone Soup; a modern dance theater fable for adults and children

Santa Cruz Actors’ Theatre
2008 Season, Feb-Mar

One spunky Appalachian Granny spins our favorite and familiar folk tales; Rip Van Winkle, The Three Little Pigs, Stone Soup into an unexpected cross-cultural motif chronicling the rise of civilization and the problems that come with it.

DANCE COMPANY REINTERPRETS CLASSIC FOLK TALE “. . .a diverse cast and an original script. The show is a colorful arrangement. . .it includes actors, dancers, and even a local chef (India Joze’s Jozseph Schultz) who will concoct tasty foods for the audience during the Sunday shows.”
Good Times, Christa Martin

Audience Comments:
“Stone Soup is the most magical and beautifully realized dance/theater production yet in the string of gems from Cook and Company. Prepare to be enchanted, amused and intrigued by this sweet parable. . .equal parts of great story telling, lovely dance choreography, and real acting with characters are so endearing you will want to take them home with you.”
-Ron Rhodes, father

“The non-verbal story-telling was especially notable in this show… In the span of several minutes, the stage went from a friendly-feeling open space to a crowded, noisy, impersonal-to-hostile and overloaded environment in which people were alienated from themselves and others…an effective piece of theater!”
Meg Sandow, theatre improv player, therapist.