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A Breath For Nothing

A Breath For Nothing, A Wafting of God; a spiritual saga of contemporary awakening.

The 418 Project, Artist In Residence Program
Santa Cruz, April-May 2006

“Breath For Nothing” follows seven ordinary people senselessly rushing through life who ultimately awaken to the beauty that surrounds them, emerging into full-bodied sensuality.

DANCE SHOW DEBUTS WRAPPED IN WHITE SILK “. . .injecting a young and powerful voice into the Santa Cruz art community, the program spotlights Rivera Cook’s “A Breath For Nothing.” . . .The show experiments with theater in the round, wrapping most of the studio in white silk. . .an innovative part of the show.”
Clint Eckstein, City on A Hill Press

“. . .Rivera is really setting the bar for any subsequent artist.”
Jim Brown, 418 Project Executive Director.

“Poignant. Evocative, and profound.”

A Breath For Nothing