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The Imagine-a-nation of Lalachild

One Small Child... One Whole World, Wide-Open With Possibility

Welcome to 1890 Lovely, Kansas, a drought-stricken all-negro town, where a Chinese man rides a dust storm into ten year old Lala’s home and wins her Mamalou’s heart, spurring the gossipy shock of everybody else. Lala’s lyrical and imaginative child’s eye lends fresh perspective to ages old racial issues, washing us all with the sweet wisdom of an old soul in a small body. Full of humor and lively dancing, adults and children alike enjoy this gem of a performance.


“Poetic. Moving. How beautiful. How extraordinary.” S.G. playwright, director
“I felt like I was there. And I felt like I was a little girl again. A wonderful experience.” L.C.
“It made me light and happy. I would love for my mother to see it.” D.G.
“It got me out of my seat. I want to dance.” A.G.
“Elucidating, Embracing and just really Great!"
“It's so amazing, in these murky lives of ours, to find a clear point of love like this."
“Day after day, week after week, we need this Message of Unity in Our World."
“plus a full house of Amazings"
“One man was truly dazed and could not speak for 45 minutes"