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The Emancipation of Lala

America’s Siddhartha

Visionary, powerful, eighteen year old Lala is thrust onto a spiritual quest, as tragedy sends her running from her home-town, train-hopping, parade-crashing, and wandering through ghosts towns of the era, seeking spiritual freedom through the 1898 American West. Utterly transformative, this show will resound in your mind and soul for weeks to come.


“I’m permanently changed. I feel liberated, cleansed, purified.” R.J.
“I feel washed by deep wisdom, touched at the places that want to be touched.” R.G.
“Captivating. Entertaining and deeply moving. I thought about this play for over a week.” F.H.
“This was my third viewing, last time I brought six friends.” R.T.
"One of the most inspiring works of art I've seen in a long time." - A.G.
(Four days later) "Still reeling from the amazing performance." - BH
“Powerful and awe-inspiring, this performance is an absolute must-see.”
“...grabs you immediately, shakes you, and doesn’t let go until the is, ultimately, transforming.” –Santa Cruz Sentinel, May 26, 2011