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The Education of Lala Girl

A Turn-of-the-Century Mystic, Turning the World Around

Fourteen year old Lala falls head-long in love with young Lijah James, and they leap full-force into mysticism, spirit, and faith, transforming their entire town. This many-faceted love story contains the sweetness of one’s first love, the poignancy of a mother’s daughter coming of age, the powerful surrender of an old woman’s graceful aging, and the heartache, forgiveness, and passion that sings in us all.

as performed for Pacific Collegiate School students


“There is much to laugh at in these stories, and much to move one to tears. There is the wisdom of old souls and the hormonal foolishness of boys. . .there is small-town pettiness and the overwhelming vastness of a star-filled prairies sky. Cook writes and utters sheer poetry.” –Santa Cruz Sentinel, May 12, 2011

“I hear the voices of my relatives. You have the spirit of authenticity.” G.B. African-American actress
”Thank you for sharing this. I cried and I laughed, then I kept crying and laughing” A.S.
“Really beautiful” S.M.

“Ms. Cook amazingly channels these deep emotions and captures the ineffable experience of spiritual transcendence as the audience is lured into the play’s emotionally-riveting climactic action.”
–Santa Cruz Theatre Reviews