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Educational Partner: Enrich Your Arts Education Program

“Lala Lends A Hand”
Benefit Performances for Schools

Dedicated to augmenting and supporting the continuation of arts educational programming in both private and public schools, Rising Sun Dance & Theater now offers a flexible multi-faceted educational and fundraising program.

Part One: A Visit From “The Imagine-a-nation of Lalachild”
Our guest artist will visit your school for an assembly performance of the one hour “Imagine-a-nation of Lalachild” and lead a question and answer session with students on the thematic issues of race, diversity, prejudice, discrimination, and the power of the imagination to create a world of tolerance and acceptance.

Part Two: Dance, Physical Theater, Acting Workshop for small classes
Our guest artist can follow the assembly performance with one to two hour workshops in dance, physical theater, acting, and/or playwriting, able to be tailored to the classes’ levels and interests.

Part Three: Benefit Performance of “The Imagine-a-Nation of Lalachild” for Parents, Siblings, and Students to fundraise for the school’s arts education program.

Rising Sun Dance & Theater offers one performance of “The Imagine-a-Nation” at the school or a venue of the school’s choice for a percentage of proceeds as a benefit to the school for future programming in arts education. An incredible opportunity to bring enriching theater to your families while allowing them to support the further opportunities of their children!