The Dandelion Insurrection

Rivera Sun's epic novel of nonviolent struggle, love, and revolution!

Rivera Sun’s epic novel of nonviolent struggle, love, and revolution!

A story of love and revolution!

“When fear is used to control us; love is how we rebel!”

From the desk of Rivera Sun comes a novel about the refusal of the human heart to submit to destructive authority.


“In a time that looms around the corner of today, in a place on the edge of our nation.”

Under a gathering storm of tyranny, Zadie Byrd Gray whirls into the life of Charlie Rider and asks him to become the voice of the Dandelion Insurrection. With the rallying cry of life, liberty, and love, Zadie and Charlie fly across America leaving a wake of revolution in their path. Passion erupts. Danger abounds. The lives of millions hang by a thin thread of courage, but in the midst of the madness, the golden soul of humanity blossoms . . . and miracles start to unfold!

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“The Dandelion Insurrection is as small as baking bread in your oven, and as large as bringing down dictators.”

The Dandelion Insurrection is the story of nonviolent revolution in the United States. This book offers through its story many tools and strategies developed by countless leaders throughout history, including Gandhi, Dr. King, Cesar Chavez, and Professor Gene Sharp. From marches to cazerolazo pot-and-pan protests to strikes to Victory Gardens for the People; the Dandelion Insurrection shares ideas that have changed the world. (You can see a sneak peak of the book in our gallery!)

“Be like the dandelions, spring up in intolerable soils, dare to stand up against violence, and blossom into love!”

More Praise for The Dandelion Insurrection

“This is THE handbook for the coming revolution!” -Lo Daniels, editor, Dandelion Salad

“Close your eyes and imagine the force of the people and the power of love overcoming the force of greed and the love of power. Then read The Dandelion Insurrection. In a world where despair has deep roots, The Dandelion Insurrection bursts forth with joyful abandon.” – Medea Benjamin, Co-founder of CodePink

“I predict it will be a major contributor to the change in history that WE are all being called to write together.” -Malathy Drew, founder of Whispering Energy

“This novel will not only make you want to change the world, it will remind you that you can. Let The Dandelion Insurrection take root in your heart.” – Gayle Brandeis, author of The Book of Dead Birds, winner of the Bellwether Prize for Socially Engaged Fiction

“I love this book! It beautifully captures the revolution of love that is sweeping the globe, told as an epic novel that will set your heart on fire. A rare gem of a book, a must read, it charts the way forward in this time of turmoil and transformation. If you loved Occupy Love, you will love the Dandelion Insurrection!” – Velcrow Ripper, director Occupy Love, Genie Award Winner


More Quotes from Readers and Reviewers:

“Rivera Sun’s The Dandelion Insurrection takes place in a dystopia just a hop, skip and jump away from today’s society. A fundamentally political book with vivid characters and heart stopping action. It’s a must and a great read.” – Judy Rebick, activist and author of Occupy This!

“The seeds of Rivera Sun’s The Dandelion Insurrection are sure to blow across the hearts of all who read this important novel, a beautifully written book just like the dandelion plant itself, punching holes through the concert of corporate terror, and inviting all to join in the insurrection.” – Keith McHenry, co-founder of the Food Not Bombs Movement

“With all its twists of plot, and myriad of characters, it is not only entertaining, it offers a lot of insights as to how the citizens of the US can reclaim their country from the corporations and political stooges which have taken it over.” -Guadamour, reviewer (read full review)

“You are a great part of today’s MOVEMENT!” -Joe Hock, OWS, March Against Monsanto

“The words penetrate the mind, heart, and soul of the reader in a way that is powerful and captivating.” -Rebecca Blackwell

“A life-changing novel … that describes how we, the people, could take our rights back from the powers that be (politicians, bureaucrats, and the corporate fatcats who own them) by peaceful action.” -Karen Lane

“This book had me at hello.” – Chris Moats, reader

“Written on the winds of hope, this book presents a political prophesy showing how a people united can defeat corporate/statist tyranny through the force of their will.” Steven Jonas, MD, MPH, author of The 15% Solution: How the Republican Religious Right Took Control of the U.S.: 1981-2022: A Futuristic Novel.

“Be kind, be connected, be unafraid. With this slogan of the Dandelion Insurrection, Rivera Sun beckons us to address the crises of our day with kindness, in community and from courage. With these tools, we can change the world one heart, one home, one block at a time.” – Anne Symens-Bucher, Canticle Farm

“Rivera Sun knows how to articulate what is going on in our country and the world and that’s a gift. I wish I could say this is some far away future that could never happen here but alas it’s already arrived.” Jill Dalton, actor, author

“The Dandelion Insurrection is reminiscent of George Orwell’s masterpiece “1984,” the chilling prophecy about the possible future in a totalitarian state. Rivera Sun’s new book is a wakeup call about a possible military-industrial complex take over in the United States. This opus is a well-written allegory of what could happen in the future and how only through the power of love we can make real change in the world. Like Bayard Rustin who brought the concept of non-violent change from Gandhi’s India to the civil rights movement in the 1950s, Ms. Sun has eloquently shown us how ordinary citizens can transform a repressive society through the power of nonviolence and love. This book is a must read for anyone concerned about the future of the planet.” – Ted Zeff, Ph.D. author of “The Highly Sensitive Person’s Survival Guide” and “Raise an Emotionally Healthy Boy: Save Your Son from the Violent Boy Culture.

“It’s rare phenomenon when a writer can move a reader to tears in the beginning chapters of a fictional novel. Wherein an inconceivable swelling heart calls the Soul forward to imagine its grand mythic journey as part of a great consciousness movement that delivers a bright future. Rivera Sun paints poetry on the canvas of ‘possibility and potential’, while pressure washing the grim dirty distortions of corporate/government/military collusion to reveal humanity’s fertile common ground smothered by capitalism’s greed for profit at all costs. ‘The Dandelion Insurrection’ is a personal invitation to engage life, love, and liberty as an evolutionary revolutionary dedicated to thriving cooperatively with the natural world, and each other, for shared existence to continue blossoming … like dandelions.” – Kevin ‘StarFire’ Spitzer, ‘Conciliation Sunday’ radio host, KZSC, Santa Cruz, writer, mentor, visionary thinker.

“This is a very inspiring read…I got even more fired up about what I want to create for our world at this time. My doubts and hesitations were dissolved. I am now full of courage and fire. Thank you Rivera; your words are contagious!” – Sheila Ramsey, Personal Leadership Consultant

“If you are seeking to understand our evolved world and how to unite and prosper, I urge you to read “The Dandelion Insurrection”. It reflects intelligent thinking that can revolutionize who we are as a civilization. You will read about ideas that connect with your knowing on a deep level because make perfect sense. It is great entertainment and an educational tool that can make a difference in living and understanding our world. We are all looking for ways to harmonize, unify, love and collaboration in order to create the harmony we all need and desire. “The Dandelion Insurrection” is a must read.” – Lauren Taite Vines CHO (Chief Happiness Officer) Ruts to Rainbows and author of The New Dawn on Planet Earth

“To weave reality into imperative fiction is the work of creative genius. Rivera Sun has me weeping with gratitude as she brings to character the real people who now place their bodies on the line because there is simply nothing left to do but this, to rise with courage, hearts opened wide in belief of the common thread. Rivera writes the revelation of revolution in timeless fashion. Dandelion Insurrection is a prayer seven billion hearts strong and counting.” – Megan Hollingsworth, Founder at Extinction Witness

“Honoring her name, sister Rivera Sun, nourishes us with her warm rays of kinship, waters our hearts with the story telling of courage, and composts our fears and oppressions into the soil of insurgent fearless love. Moreover, her kind-connected-unafraid means keep igniting the supernova’s aliveness of the Total (R)evolution of the human spirit one dandelion, one star, at a time to form an entire galaxy of love warriors and love magicians, coming from the North and the rest of the seven directions, now, today.” – Pancho Ramos Stierle, Occupy Oakland, Peace Activist

4 Responses to “The Dandelion Insurrection”

  • We Need a Dandelion Insurrection

    […] and missteps of such past actions is envisioning the next ones. Rivera Sun has done that in The Dandelion Insurrection. Imagining the game in such a book can inform our studying of the warm-ups we’ve seen or been […]

  • Mari Faith NightSong

    Read this book as you would drink a healing infusion of herbal dandelion tea; toss in some nettles and a wee bit of spearmint and become Love In Action…a true Evolutionary Revolutionary. Thank you for your gift of words, Rivera, that inspire us to create “The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Tell Us is Possible” (to borrow from Charles Eisenstein, Rivera

  • Jon Olsen

    I am just now learning of Rivera Sun, and would love to have some dialogue with her. I am now an “elder” in the anti-imperialist movement, having begun in 1966. She embodies perfectly a word I have coined to describe the spirit with which we carry out this truly radical transformation–we are REVEL-utionaries. Like those who joyfully dismantled that quintessential symbol of a militarized government,the Berlin Wall, we likewise are joyfully finding ways to dismantle the edifice that constrains out boundless positive mutually supporting energy. The system is BRITTLE–hard but fragile. It is doomed, but we are running low on time to avoid having it take us with it into oblivion. We all need each other’s strength, courage,and wisdom. Solidarity!

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